Cheap banana trees

You might believe, as many other people do, that planting a banana tree is something that is truly complicated and that they should better not even try. I am here to tell you that you are wrong because I personally planted a banana tree the other day at the yard behind my house and it was simple and fun. Do not think that I am crazy for growing one of these trees the only reason why I did it is because it really is not that difficult at all and because bananas are my favorite type of fruit.

Growing my own banana tree and picking the fruit from the tree when it is ripe has always been a lifelong dream for me and now that I can do it, I am so happy that I cannot even describe to you the happiness that I feel. Ever since, I can remember I have loved banana tree and now I love them even more because I have one in my back yard. When I was small, I used to love to read books about monkeys since they were my favorite animals and because they used to eat from these trees.

I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be lucky enough too grow my one banana tree as I am now. I have eaten already from the fruit of this banana tree about three times and all of the times they have been the most delicious bananas that I have ever tasted. They were so good and tasty that I even gave my neighbors some of this fruit to try and they also told me that never before had they tasted such a delicious fruit in their whole lives and will probalbly not taste it.

I do not know why I like the banana tree so much but I really do even as a dessert. I love to eat banana flambé as a desert and much more so when these fruits come from my very own banana tree. I will keep on growing interesting trees in my garden that produce delicious fruits which I can eat as I please. I would have loved to be a farmer and to spend all of my time growing planting beautiful gardens and also vegetables and fruits and never buying them again.

Needless to say, planting does make me really happy and I love to have this hobby. I would also love to keep growing many other fruit trees not only to make my garden look lovely, big and colorful but also to improve my health. I also love to plant flowers because they give out excellent aromas. My dream is that someday I will not have to pay for natural products at the supermarket because I will grow them in my own back yard like a banana tree or like any other type of tree that produces fruit.